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yooo people that are saying that anaconda and all about that bass are “offensive to skinny people” or “skinny shaming” really need to chill the fuck out. we live in a society that fucking glorifies skinny people all over the place and stigmatizes and oppresses bigger people, so i think y’all can…

Just because someone is thin does NOT mean they’re happy with their body. I’m tired of that bull shit excuse if “you all are represented positively in the media get over it”. We don’t care about the media. The ones who shame us for being thin are normal everyday people who don’t see us as real people or “real women”. Just because you don’t take offense to this, doesn’t mean others won’t. We as women have a fucking right to be angry when we’re told we are disgusting for having pronounced ribs/collarbones/hip bones, we need to eat a fucking burger, or the old “real women have curves, only dogs go for bones”. I don’t care if there is a privilege towards thin people…we are still fucking people who are allowed to have negative feelings about our bodies, because we do. Go scratch.

i don’t know how this post turned into a post about body shaming by everyday people. this post is about 2 popular songs. i realize that thin women are shamed for their appearances. i’ve been told by countless people, including my own mother, than i’m “not a woman” because of my body. i get it. but that’s not what this post is supposed to be about. nowhere in either song did nicki or meghan refer to thin women as “disgusting” or “not real women.” therefore, people need to chill.

if i’m looking for a semi-permanent brand of blue/turquoise hair dye, what brands would you recommend???

Where are you seeing paramore in October? Anyway I'm so happy you're seeing them again, you're so lucky! They played in my country just twice and I saw them just once cause I hadn't enough money for both of the shows

they’re playing a benefit show for breast cancer awareness called “We Can Survive” in los angeles!! and i’m sure you’ll get to see them again soon!

a year ago, i was sad because i’d never gotten the opportunity to go to a paramore show and that was all i wanted (no pun intended) to do. by the end of this year, i’ll have gone to 6 paramore shows, met them twice, been on a cruise with them, traveled to las vegas for them, and if i get blessed by some miracle of god this next time, sang miz biz on stage.



"Losing your virginity" will henceforth be called "your sexual debut".

Because you’re not fucking losing anything.


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I can’t stop singing praises to Emma Watson even if I tried like in one single speech she not only advocated for women to be treated equally as men but also touched on the fact that men are also victims of gender inequality while also acknowledging the fact that she is already incredibly privileged

All of the haters can just sit the fuck down because she just killed the game of life

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you don't know me but i'd love to get to know you! i follow you on twitter

come off anon then!!